Recommendation for Eike.

Hi guys, I already knew Eike before I even knew what an ICAO language level is and I decided to try level 6 as I have quite a bit of experience in the English environment. I do the PPL with my father and we both wanted to fight to get the level 6 rating. Eike recommended one of his contacts Carsten to us, who polished our Aviation-English in a decisive a way. It was always easy to get in touch with Eike and when the day of the exam came, he gave us the confidence we needed to successfully pass the exam. Although the successful completion of Level 6 prevents us from seeing each other again on this formal level, we are happy to have gained a friend and partner in other endeavors.

Best regards,
Edgar and Christoph

Hello all,

I did my AZF about a month ago knowing that I still need to do the Language proficiency test to fly abroad.

However, I didn't want to add another date for a renewal to the list. So why not try level 6? What could I lose?

The team around is great. Eike answers very quickly and I was also able to arrange the exam date very spontaneously and quickly.

If anyone of you is thinking about doing level 6: With some practice in English the exam is absolutely doable.

If you have any questions, you can contact me.

Best regards



Dear folks,

Couple days ago - it was late at night and I couldn’t sleep - and so I decided to check my group posts about aviation in Facebook.

Luckily I found this post.

I've been thinking about it for a while. My internal voice asked me: “Wouldn't it be great to update ICAO Level 4 at ICAO Level 6 and simply wipe the tests every 4 years off the calendar?”

But am I really good enough? I mean, I use English often, and it's been no problem since I remembered. Not in daily use or flying. But all the grammar stuff and the vocabulary... honestly, I was afraid of the test and the effort needed to prepare. I haven't studied my English books in years.

So I decided to write an e-mail to Eike, to describe what was going on in my mind, my concerns, and possibly my limits... just to get a advice whether to do it or rather remove from my wish list.

I'm glad I asked Eike!

Eike reacted immediately. He gave me the exact answers to my questions and also removed all my doubts.

Moreover, he encouraged me to give me clues about what I should practice in advance for the test, for example, the right use of ‘when clauses’, the right time-form for an answer matching the question. So I did some homework and I felt I could do it.

So I planned the test, and Eike explained the test procedure and made me feel really comfortable.

I really felt in the right hands and with Eike's way of taking my fear, I succeeded.

Today, just a few days later, I want to thank Eike and his team.

His integrity and empathy are unprecedented and he makes me feel very happy that this mission has been successfully accomplished!


Jürgen M. 


Sehr geehrter Herr Knall

vielen Dank für Ihre Mail. Ich möchte gerne ein Feedback bezüglich meiner Prüfung abgeben. Die Prüfung war sehr gut organisiert und strukturiert. Der Bürokratische Teil lief problemlos und ziemlich schnell. Alle meine offenen Fragen bezüglich Ablauf der Prüfung etc. würden geklärt und es wurde auch viel Zeit für mich genommen. Ich habe mich immer gut aufgehoben gefühlt und war mit allem zufrieden. Ich würde Herr Knall sehr gerne weiterempfehlen!




It was a great experience to have the LPT Level 6 with Eike who made me familiar with the process and guided me through the test. The calm and welcoming atmosphere helped significantly to ease any existing tension or anxiety. Eike supervised the test in the most professional manner. Thank you Eike!



Herzlichen Dank für die Übersendung. Die Prüfung bei Herrn Knall ist wirklich gut gelaufen und ich werde ihn definitiv im Kollegenkreis weiterempfehlen.

Mit herzlichem Fliegergruß aus Regensburg!