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                                                                                                                  Voice only + Face 2 Face + NEW zoom call working with an aviation language testing tool for testing candidates in accordance with the ICAO language proficiency requirements. 

The questionnaire is considered appropriate to the diverse contexts in which aviation language testing occurs. 

The principles underlying this questionnaire suit various operational and regulatory needs.                                                                                                    

This test is designed to assess SPEAKING and LISTENING proficiency abilities in accordance with each component                of the ICAO language proficiency rating scale and the holistic descriptors.

ICAO standard phraseology should be used whenever possible but when PHRASEOLOGY is not applicable pilots and air traffic controllers should demonstrate also PLAIN ENGLISH.

LEVEL 4 is considered the minimum level of proficiency                 to ensure an acceptable level of safety. 

The minimum skill level requirements are embodied in the ICAO language proficiency rating scale.                                                      The testing tool may be used for testing operational (4), extended (5) and expert (6) level.

Get your English Language Proficiency tested in an innovative and flexible online environment using webcam and microphone.                                     

Take the test at home or at work whenever it suits you.  

You will get your language certificate and Assessment Protocol within five working days.

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New Now available ONLINE!!

You can now take your ICAO Language check (levels 4 through 6) online. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer with an integrated webcam and microphone and a stable Internet connection.                                         Our online test is officially approved and recognized by ICAO and EASA compliant.                                                   We don't use Skype or other cloud-based systems, so your data is safe with us!


  1. A headset with/without a microphone (f.e. Logitech)
  2. OR: headphones with/without a microphone
  3. The microphone can be used from the headset or the laptop
  4. A desktop or laptop computer with a camera
  5. High-speed fixed line internet connection
  6. Do not use mobile internet services (3G/4G/5G/HSDPA/HSPA/HSUPA/LTE). Mobile internet connections may cause connection loss.
  7. Browser Chrome (version 75+) / NOT compatible with Safari or Internet Explorer
  8. Your passport as well as a copy of the passport page showing identification
  9. A place to take the test free of interruptions
  10. Pen and paper
  11. Be sure that the webcam and the microphone do not block our operating system
  12. Close all other windows on your computer.

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