our Language Proficiency Examiner (LPE) 

While radio broadcasting is Eike's life, even he needs to take a break every now and then. The way he does it is by taking to the air-literally.

When Eike's not running the radio station you'll find Eike at the airport where he enjoys his hobby of aviation.

Eike began his formal training as a pilot in 2008. A short list of his experience and achievements would be.

  • 2008 - Started Flight Training
  • 2009 - Private Pilot
  • 2010 - IFR (Instrument Rated)
  • 2012 - Commercial Pilot - Single Engine
  • 2014 - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Pilot                 (CPL, MEL+SEL, IR)
  • 2014 - Commercial Pilot - Single + Multi Engine SEA
  • 2020 Instructor 
  • 2020 Lehrberechtigter CRI Single  + Multi Engine
  • 2020 Language Proficiency Examiner, Level 4-6
  • 2021 Training Center Instructors (TCI)       -      flight training professional who are experts at Cirrus flight training. TCI is personally trained and evaluated by Cirrus' own training specialists to ensure a factory-level experience to each and every customer.
  • 2023 Single-Engine Turbine (SET) Rating

Eike enjoys flying around Europe as well as the United States. On frequent trips to Florida, Eike often travels to and from The Bahamas as well as other sunshine destinations in and around the USA and Europe. Additionally, Eike often travels with young pilots in training as a Safety Pilot riding shotgun in the air to help them gain experience and fly safe. This he does in D & N registered aircraft.

September 2023: 
Eike joined the club and is very proud to be in the group.

The Bahamas Flying Ambassadors are a group of seasoned private pilots with extensive experience flying to and around The Islands Of The Bahamas. With the goal of introducing new pilots to this unique thrill, the ambassadors make themselves available to share their knowledge of The Bahamas, and the ease of flying across the Gulf Stream. 

Language Proficiency Examiner (LPE) is a specialist who is appointed by both the LAB/LTO and the National Aviation Authority to conduct the ICAO English and specific language proficiency exams.                        (levels 4 trough 6)

Eike spricht deutsch und englisch. Eike speaks german and english